"Feed the Need" our new fundraiser this year!

Not only will we be raising funds for improvements at our school we will be providing much needed food for the relief effort in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.


Boxtops for Education

Labels for Education  
The Labels for Education program is a school fund raising program designed with busy families in mind as an alternative to traditional fund raising. By saving and redeeming product UPCs and beverage caps from participating products schools can earn FREE educational merchandise, such as computers, software, sports equipment, musical instruments, library books and even a minivan. The school community can assist by saving UPCs and beverage caps from participating products and giving them to the school. The school redeems the points collected for FREE merchandise! Sign up on the labels for educations website or simply bring in the following items that are noted as "labels for education" to the school and drop them off:


Donate Toner & Ink Cartridges
Drop your used ink and toner cartridges and we will mail them in!

Instead of asking people to spend additional money on items they may not want or need, e-Scrip enables people to donate to the school while they make their normal purchases. Scrip is merely "substitute money." e-Scrip, in the form of gift certificates from local and national merchants, is used just like cash in their stores. When these certificates are purchased in advance of shopping, our organization will earn a percentage of every purchase made with e-Scrip. Just think, the money you spend on necessities is generating financial support for your child’s school.

Two to twenty-five percent of everything purchased through e-Scrip is contributed to your organization by local and national merchants. Support from family members alone can generate substantial gift donations for our school every time e-Scrip is used for grocery shopping, or drugstore or gasoline purchases, or even a meal at a restaurant.

Sign up for the e-Scrip program to help North Coast Christian School earn funds through your everyday purchases. Just visit and click Sign Up Today! Make sure to type in North Coast Christian School under Group Name. Then just follow the easy instructions to register your accounts. e-Scrip partner stores include Safeway, Macys, Barnes & Noble, Fred Meyers, and many more.

Questions? Call 503.861.3333.